StemYouth – A Source of Youth


Adult stem cells have tremendous potential, not only in regenerative medicine but also in cosmetology.

Adult Stem Cells:

  • are not to be confused with embryonic stem cells
  • are present in all living organisms
  • are hidden deep within the skin and are responsible for regeneration and repair
  • are called “mother cells” as they have remarkable potential to give life to other cells that make up the skin

Unfortunately over time, the harmful effects of free radicals and UV rays, the number of adult stem cells and their regenerative power decrease, leading to the formation of wrinkles.

We need to PROTECT these amazing cells so they can fully exercise their replenishing power

Vegetal Stem Cells are able to vitalize and protect those adult stem cells found in the skin !

StemYouth Skin Care Line:

  • reduces visible signs of aging, primarily wrinkles and sagging
  • delays the onset of these signs
  • for men and women 35 and over, regardless of skin type, including highly sensitive skin
  • can be used regularly or alternately with preparations that have an AHA, fruit acid, salicylic acid or retinol base, or any other preparation that speeds up the natural exfoliation process
  • known for its silky texture
  • has a subtle and refined fragrance
  • offers a unique feeling of fuller, younger and enriched skin


Pro-Derm™ StemYouth

Proderm Serum

Pro-Derm™ StemYouth Serum

It is a well-known fact that the skin protects itself during the day and repairs itself at night. The skin’s “clock genes” regulate these alternating protective and repair cycles, at least while the skin is young. As the skin ages, the expression of these genes decreases and the cells seem out of synch. They fail to distinguish between day and night, and no longer play a regenerative role.

This led to the idea of reactivating these youthful genes and restoring each cell’s natural synchronization process in order to ensure maximum protection during the day and full regeneration at night. More than ever, the cells function with maximum efficiency to repair, regenerate, protect, fortify and visibly rejuvenate the skin.
Day after day, the StemYouth Serum releases its power:

  • The skin is instantly smoother and plumped
  • The appearance of wrinkles is diminished
  • The skin’s firmness and elasticity increase
  • The complexion is exceptionally radiant
  • The skin glows and the youthful effect is increased

Pro-Derm day creamResearchers have discovered vegetal/plant stem cells derived from apple and argan.

These two exceptional active ingredients are at the core of the very latest innovation in skin care! Acting at the heart of the cells, StemYouth Day Cream helps combat the effects of time by preventing premature signs of aging.

StemYouth Day Cream:

  • the skin becomes smoother as the wrinkles appear reduced
  • the skin regains its elasticity and tonicity
  • available in a rich texture for dry skin ( enriched with graqpe seed oil, argan oil, wild mango and shea butters
  • a light texture for normal and combination skin for long-lasting, mattifying action

Pro-derm Night cream

Skin repair wile you sleep !

The night cream uses longevity proteins called sirtuins in order to protect your skin while you sleep!

 In order to reactivate these sirtuins a rice extract has been identified with some pretty  powerful and extraordinary properties:

  • The onset of visible signs of ageing is slowed
  • The skin becomes smoother and the epidermis is plumped
  • Wrinkles are considerably diminished
  • The skin regains its elasticity and tonicity

Pro-derm tensorAnti-aging Tissue Mask that uses a technology based on plant stem cells.

Can be used on a regular basis, in combination with other StemYouth products, for the corrective and preventive treatment of signs of ageing, and on an occasional basis for an immediate radiance boost before going out, for a special occasion or simply as a treat!

Tissue Mask enriched with a highly concentrated anti-aging serum. The mask hugs facial contours perfectly for better interaction between the active ingredients and the skin. Its specific shape helps it stay on, providing an immediate tensor effect.

  • Re-tightens features
  • Alleviates signs of fatigue
  • Smoothes fine lines and wrinkles

Results: Features are smoothed and rejuvenated. Skin is plumped, energized, refreshed and radiant.