ELEVAI PREx Technology™

ELEVAI Skincare™ products were developed under a proprietary “source to skin” technology platform called PREx, Precision Regenerative Exosome Technology, and is based on over 15 years of research and development by stem cell expert and biochemical engineer, Dr. Jordan Plews. ELEVAI PREx Technology™ was developed based on Dr. Plews’ intense interest and robust research on the natural repair process of the skin. His research centered around the ability to mimic that natural repair process to provide a new, innovative approach to treating aging skin. This proprietary technology platform ensures the safety, quality, and efficacy of all ELEVAI Skincare products.

Let’s first start with a basic understanding of stem cells and exosomes.

What are Exosomes?

When the skin is young, natural stem cell populations are at their greatest and act as your body’s first line of defense. When the skin is younger, it is better at fighting aging because of the greater presence of stem cells. As we age, we can see our repair messages are less responsive through visual cues such as scarring that takes much longer to heal.

Stem cells release nano-vesicles (~30-150nm) called exosomes, or extracellular vesicles (EVs). The use of exosomes is important because nanovesicles have been found to penetrate better, absorb more easily, and protect skincare actives.

As exosomes penetrate the skin, they mimic the body’s natural healing responses. Skin damage and extrinsic aging caused by exposure to daily aggressors like pollution and UVA/UVB can benefit from exosomes, supporting improved blood flow as well as promoting the bodies natural ability to produce collagen and elastin to reveal the appearance of rejuvenated, more healthy looking skin.

What makes ELEVAI Exosomes™ different?


The source of the stem cell is a key factor in understanding the potential “cargo” of the exosome. By employing ethically sourced Stem Cells (hUMSC), ELEVAI captures released exosomes specifically targeted for skin rejuvenation.


ELEVAI’s proprietary source-to-skin, end-to-end manufacturing process including our own labs with GLP, and cosmetic cGMP standards ensure the science-backed quality of every ELEVAI product.


As the first shelf-stable topical exosome skincare product on the market, ELEVAI products do not need to be kept frozen and were intentionally developed for topical application both post-procedure and through at-home daily maintenance.


ELEVAI’s in-office product is packaged in easy-to-use, foil-sealed tubes for one-time use, and our home care daily serum is in a UV-protected, double-wall airless pump to protect the integrity of the formulation, but also to ensure a beautiful product for your patients to take home.


Our ELEVAI E-Series™ post-procedure system has been shown to effectively address skin concerns from both intrinsic and extrinsic aging, returning the skin to a healthier state.

THE Daily Exosome Serum

A rejuvenating serum for at-home daily use with an effective blend of ELEVAI Exosomes™ combines nano-encapsulated stem cell growth factors, powerful peptides, and the highest quality skincare ingredients available to support skin health and rejuvenation. With daily use, you will experience healthier, more balanced skin with results you can see and feel.


Helps to activate the skin’s natural healing process to extend the results of in-office procedures.


Our proprietary blend of 4 highly bioavailable types of vitamin C deliver antioxidants in a form that is 50x more powerful than standard Ascorbic Acid. to penetrate deep into the skin and neutralize damaging free radicals.


Promotes hydration through powerful water-retaining molecules and deeply penetrating components to benefit skin hydration and plumpness.


Supports the body’s stem cell populations and works synergistically with ELEVAI exosomes, promoting skin elasticity, and reducing the appearance of fine lines and hyperpigmentation.

Directions for Use

Apply one pump of ELEVAI enfinity™ to freshly cleansed skin in the morning and in the evening, gently spreading and massaging into the face, neck, and decolletage.