PRP for Hair restoration

When it is concentrated with larger volumes PRP can be used for stimulating hair growth in men and women suffering from pattern baldness since PRP contains growth factors that stimulate the development of new hair follicles and improves the health of existing ones. This therapy is perfect for patients who are not candidates for a surgery or those wanting a more aggressive nonsurgical approach to treatment.

We take a 22 ML blood sample and then we immediately place the sample in the centrifuge for 10 minutes. Using very small needles we inject your PRP into your scalp. We offer handheld Nitrous Oxide for comfort.

 Typical injection time: 5 Minutes

Typically we recommend 1 treatment every month x4 then 1 maintenance treatment every 4-6 months

PRP has been used successfully in other medical and surgical disciplines for many years.

We highly recommend SURETHIK® PROFESSIONAL the 3 Step System For Thinning Hair. Kits available for men and women.


At Mezzmerize we use the ECLIPSE PRP System.

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Surethik for thinning hair